Rüya offers a taste of sophisticated, contemporary dishes from the Anatolian peninsula, steeped in a rich and colourful history, which stretches from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. All of our dishes are seasonal; we work closely with a small network of farmers and suppliers to ensure our dishes use only the very freshest ingredients. Our herbs and spices are painstakingly sourced to guarantee the finest expression of Anatolian flavour. Rüya’s authentic yet innovative Anatolian cuisine is a combination of flavours – with dishes designed for sharing and socialising, reflecting the true family style of an Anatolian kitchen. Bringing the soul of a Turkish Meyhane to Cannes, Rüya brings passion and personality to culinary creations rich in variety of meat, seafood, herbs and vegetables. A contemporary venue, influenced by tradition and the warmth of Turkish hospitality, Rüya offers guests a remarkable atmosphere, vibrant experiences and comfortable surrounds, from the moment you enter Rüya.


At Rüya, you can savor a variety of delectable mezes while enjoying traditional Anatolian grapes and the distinct Turkish national drink flavored with anise. Whether you prefer a cozy indoor setting or an outdoor terrace overlooking the beautiful bay of Cannes, Rüya provides the perfect ambiance to unwind and relax with your intimate drink. Additionally, Rüya boasts a signature cocktail list developed by an expert mixologist. The cocktails and mocktails feature classic Turkish flavors and ingredients like cardamom, rose, pomegranate, honey, spices, citrus, and mint. The presentation of these creative and contemporary cocktails is just as impressive as their taste, with expertly muddled, stirred, shaken, layered, and infused ingredients.


Music plays a key role in creating our dynamic atmosphere,
for which the Rüya experience wouldn’t be complete without.


Be part of the live Rüya experience – enjoy the breathtaking sea view while you immerse yourself in the flavors of Anatolia with your meal.






For enquiries, please call

+33(0)4 93 06 42 00

Email our reservations team

[email protected]

Opening times

Lounge 18:00 – 19:30
Dinner 19:30 – 24:00

Dress code

Please note our dress code is elegant casual.
Sportwear, beachwear, shorts and caps are not permitted.



58 bd de la Croisette,
Carlton 06400, CANNES

For enquiries, please call

+33(0)4 93 06 42 00